Downtown Traverse City Sees Growth and Expansion

A record breaking year for business in Downtown Traverse City, has new businesses coming in and existing business expanding.

Two stores in Downtown Traverse City are switching store fronts to meet their needs, expanding their brand and their size.

The Downtown Development Authority tells 9&10 News that the retail vacancy in Traverse City is getting lower and lower, because when one business leaves, another one quickly moves in.

Those spaces are starting to get occupied, because of the growing number of people interested in starting a business in the area.

     “There's no question that the Pure Michigan Campaign that the CVB has partnered with Pure Michigan on, is really paying off,” says Rob Bacigalupi, the Deputy Director of the Downtown Development Authority.

And it is not just new businesses moving in, those that are already there are expanding.

The Cherry Stop and Momentum are switching locations, to meet their respective needs.

     “We've been trying for a number of years to fill the space as best we can, but we've always felt that we needed a smaller, more intimate space for what we do.  As simple as, Momentum wanted a bigger space for what they do and it was just a really nice time for us to say, well let's go ahead and switch spots,” says Nick Roster, the Co-Owner of Cherry Stop.

While The Cherry Stop is moving into a smaller space, their brand is getting bigger.

They will be re-opening under a different name, in order to expand.

They are hoping to offer a wider variety of locally grown foods and items, in order to showcase the Traverse City Area.

     “Michigan is a fantastic, agricultural powerhouse and we like to showcase off of Michigan, and even more of what's grown in this area,” says Nick.

Momentum and The Cherry Stop are set to re-open on February 1st, but they are hoping the move will only take about two weeks, allowing them to open earlier.