State’s Business Economy on Rise, Local Economy Sees Boost As Well

Business in Michigan is getting better and numerous Chambers of Commerce say that Governor Snyder should take the credit, for things like the Pure Michigan Campaign and a change in tax policies.

Traverse City had a booming year for business, with tourism skyrocketing this summer and a steady flow of locals and tourists into the colder months.

The Traverse City Chamber of Commerce, plus local business owners and managers say that the Pure Michigan Campaign definitely helped create more business in the Traverse City Area, but that is just one of the reasons for the boost.

Doug DeYoung from the Chamber of Commerce says, “Locally we've seen really good growth. We've seen manufacturing companies hiring again; we've seen construction getting jobs again, because there's actually construction work going on.”

And, retail is also rising.

The store, Momentum, has nine locations in Northwest Michigan, all of which have seen an increase in business.

Governor Snyder simplifying the tax structure also provides economic boost.

Add local support into the mix and it is proving to be a winning combination, in Traverse City.

Another story called, The Dune Berry, says that they see a lot of people coming from outlying counties, and so their business is spread by word of mouth.

The increase in local and tourist shopping has created the need for Momentum to expand to a bigger store, which will almost double their inventory.