Shetler Dairy Farm Residence Destroyed By Fire

A century-old farm house was destroyed tonight, after a fire tore through it earlier this evening.

Fire crews say the owner's residence at Shetler Dairy Farm is a total loss, but there were no injuries.

The fire broke out around 5 PM, but crews are still at the scene and plan to fight the fire for a couple more hours.

The Kalkaska Fire Chief, Derek Hogerheide says that some of the team was working to reach pockets, through windows on the opposite side of the house.

Until they could get inside the home, they had to use anything they could to put out the flames.

They were “…using tools, chainsaws, cutting holes.  There's guys up on the other side, up on ladders on the roof, and you can only do what you can do and still be safe,” says the Fire Chief.

The fire was contained to the home; the dairy farm was not affected.