DEVELOPING NEWS: Fire Departments on Scene of Fire at Shetler Dairy Farm

We are receiving reports of a fire at a popular dairy farm.

There is a fire at the Shetler Dairy Farm in Kalkaska County, a dozen fire trucks are on the scene.

The farm gained notoriety for bottling its milk in glass bottles and for its homemade ice cream.

Our crew on the scene tells us that a home on the grounds of the farm caught fire and that the second floor is fully engulfed at this time.

The Kalkaska Township Fire Chief tells 9&10 News that no one was home at the time of the fire at that they were across the street at their store.

They believe the fire may have started in the kitchen around 5:00 this afternoon.

He also said it is taking awhile to put out the flames because the house is 101 years old and the house is a total loss.

We will continue to update you on this still developing story.