Shooting in Ogemaw County Sends Man to Hospital

An unnerving crime in Ogemaw County.

Police say a man fired bullets at a home — and one of them struck a man inside.

The suspect is now in the county jail.

Deputies tracked him down about an hour after the shooting.

It happened early Tuesday morning on South Chippewa Drive in Skidway Lake.

The man shot was taken to the hospital, and is expected to be okay.

A woman, also in the home at the time, was not hit by the array of bullets.

Police say the motive isn't entirely clear just yet — but the suspect dated the girl living at the home for several years, and the relationship went sour.

She had a restraining order out against him.

“The shooter and the female living there have lived together quite some time — obviously, must not have went well… Domestics tend to get pretty volatile, so if you have a problem make sure you notify police and be careful,” said Ogemaw County Sheriff Howie Hanft.

The suspect was arrested for violating the restraining order — but is expected to face charges for the shooting tomorrow in court.

The sheriff says he could get an attempted murder charge.

9&10's Evan Dean stopped by the crime scene today and has more on the shooting.