NEW DETAILS: Health Department Identifies Farm Producing Unsanitary Cider

The Health Department of Northwest Michigan says the Mitchell Hill Farm produced unpasteurized apple cider.

Several illnesses prompted an investigation into possible E-coli in local, unpasteurized cider.

Health officials searched the Mitchell Hill Farm in Ellsworth and found evidence of unsanitary conditions.

E-coli bacteria has been found in samples from multiple people in Antrim County who have gotten sick in the past two weeks.

If you bought any cider from Jim Ruster or Mitchell Hill Farm, you are asked to dispose of it immediately.

Joshua Meyerson, Medical Director for the Health Department said, “What we know is that Mr. Ruster produced unpasteurized apple cider without a license, in an unsanitary facility. People should avoid any cider he has produced.”

Anyone in the area with abdominal pain or other symptoms who recently drank unpasteurized cider should call their doctor.