Four More Traverse City Red Cross Volunteers Going to Help Sandy Relief

Four more Traverse City Red Cross Volunteers will be deployed, to help with Superstorm Sandy relief efforts.

The volunteers will provide a variety of services, including distributing backpacks with essential supplies.

Two volunteers from Traverse City were sent to respond to the storm over the weekend.

The Red Cross said they wanted to send more, but couldn't initially.

With the airports now open in the hardest hit areas, providing more service is possible–with more volunteers.

Jon Pettit, a Red Cross Volunteer says,

     “I think it's right now providing shelter for these people, transportation where it may be needed.  A lot of them may not have their medications…we'll try to get food to them, so at least they have one meal a day.”

The volunteers will fly to Philadelphia and drive to New Jersey, where they will provide assistance.

That was the fastest way for them to reach their destination.