Traverse City Working to Improve Five Key Traffic Corridors

Cars, Bikes, and Pedestrians.

Traverse City streets can get very congested, but how can we make it better?

The city is working on a plan to improve five key traffic corridors.

The Planning Department held a meeting last night, to get feedback on a draft of the plan.

Turn lanes or roundabouts could be added to help the flow of traffic.

Improving pedestrian walkways and adding bike lanes were discussed.

The plan would also improve the street's appearance.

Russ Soyring, Traverse City's Planner says,

     “Along these corridors it's largely missing landscaping, so there's a lot of suggestions of doing some streetscape elements and adding trees….adding wider sidewalks.”

If any of the recommendations are put in place, the Planning Commission and City Council would need to approve most changes.

Kyle Mitchell has more details.