Local Organization Will Get Help in Fight Against Invasive Species

A local organization will get much needed help in the fight against invasive species in Northern Michigan.

The Grand Traverse Conservation District will get a nearly $400,000 grant from the Enviornmental Protection Agency.

The grant will run for two years and be used to strengthen the District's fight against invasive plant species along the Lake Michigan Coastline, in Northwest Michigan.

The grant will add to the work they started in 2010, when they received a similar grant for nearly $1 Million. 

The Invasive Species Program Coordinator, Robin Christensen says,

     “It will help us really get ahold of things initially, but we do need the community to support beyond that.  From the foundation with other conservation districts and nonprofits, and local units of government, and get kind of a base, and get treatment under control.”

The District says these invasive plants choke out native plants and can drastically change Michigan's landscape.