Meeting Held in Suttons Bay About Latest Asian Carp Threat

A local Asian Carp expert held a meeting Tuesday night, in Suttons Bay, to talk about the latest on the Asian Carp threat to the Great Lakes.

Scientists recently found DNA from Silver Carp in Lake Erie, after a series of tests late this summer.

Four types of carp are known as Asian Carp.

The expert from Traverse City, says the most serious threats are from the Silver Carp, which often jump out of the water and the Big Head Carp that can grow up to 100 pounds.

The fish are native to Asia, but were brought to the U.S. decades ago, to clean Catfish ponds for commercial fish farms, in the South.

The DNA tests are the first clear indication that Silver Carp have made it to the Great Lakes.

The Army Corp of Engineers is working on a comprehensive study of the issue.

Local experts say the fish thrive in river systems or shallow water, and would likely not do well in the deep waters of the Great Lakes.

Scientists recently found more Environmental DNA from Asian Carp in Chicago's North Shore Channel. They will conduct an extensive search of the area for the fish next week.

9 and 10's Kyle Mitchell and photojournalist Joel Deaner have more on the threat.