Detroit Red Wings Training Camp in Traverse City Still up in the Air

Uncertainty is weighing on the minds of organizers at Centre Ice Arena. Everything depends on a new collective bargaining agreement to settle the labor strife. Organizers are waiting on a phone call to confirm the Wings visit to Traverse City; but, that hasn't happened yet, and there's a chance it won't.

The potential loss has a far-reaching financial impact on not only the arena and the fans in the stands, but the community; hundreds of hotel room reservations now in limbo.

The camp draws thousands of spectators, boosting sales at everything from gas stations to restaurants. Even still, organizers are staying optimistic that the camp will happen.

Training camp was canceled altogether just one time since the Wings started coming north in 1997. That was 2004 when the entire season was lost to labor issues.

Reporting in Traverse City, Sara Simnitch and Photojournalist, Jeremy Erickson.