Local Farmer Found Nearly 20 Marijuana Plants Growing in His Field

A local farmer found quite a surprise last night, while harvesting his corn crop.

Nearly 20 Marijuana plants were growing in the middle of his field.

It's actually quite common this time of the year, in Northern Michigan.

Once corn gets high enough, Marijuana growers hike into the middle of a corn field, pluck out the corn stalks, and replace them with Marijuana plants.

The plan is to pull the Marijuana plants before the corn harvest, but many don't time it right and an innocent farmer finds the patch that may have been growing amongst his corn for months.

James Crawford, the Osceola County Sheriff says, “It's too big an area, you got 80 acres of corn and you are not going to know of somebody's got 50 or 60 plants out in the middle of it.  You're never going to know it, till you pick it.”

Sheriff Crawford says if you come across some hidden plants in your field, to call police right away.