The Worst Wildfire Season In Years Isn’t Over Yet

It's the worst wildfire season in a half decade in Northern Michigan — and it's not over yet.

You don't have to look very hard to find the dry spots in the area.

In fact, experts calls all of the brown grass “fuel” — the drought like conditions have helped spark more than 600 wildfires across the state, the most since 2005.

Today the fire danger is “Moderate”, but don't let fall's cooler temperatures fool you.

With the right conditions, experts say the level of danger could shoot up overnight.

That's why they want the public to use caution — especially when burning those leaves that pile up in your yard.

“It's very easy to have one that's already ignited, catch a gust and blow across the yard and there ya go. There's your fire… So make sure you're right there with your hose that you can put a fire out like that,” says Paul Kollmeyer, fire prevention specialist with the Michigan DNR.

The U.S. Forest Service says fire danger could stick around well into November.

9&10's Evan Dean and Photojournalist Jake Johnson have more on the concerns.