Former Suttons Bay High School Graduate’s Body Found in Montana After Two Year Search

Former Suttons Bay High School graduate's body found in Montana after a two year search.

Noah Pippin went missing in 2010 when he decided to go hiking in Montana in the Bob Marshall Wilderness Area. Noah's dad, Michael, told 9&10 News that police believe he hiked more than 100 miles before seeking shelter from the winter storm. Police believe he died from hypothermia.

Searchers found his body just this past week. He was 30-years-old when he died.

Noah graduated from Suttons Bay High School, attended CMU and MSU. Then in 2003, he joined the U.S. Marine Corps for 2 years and then decided to become a Los Angeles Police Officer in 2007. Noah returned to Northern Michigan in 2010 for a short time before going to Montana to go hiking.

Noah's dad told 9&10 News that when Noah went missing, his story was featured on “Investigation Discovery Channel.”

His family is in Montana right now where they are waiting for Noah's body to be investigated to determine the exact cause of his death.

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