Update: Freighter Free and Moving Through Saint Mary’s River

9 and 10 News just confirmed with the Coast Guard that the largest freighter in the Great Lakes is finally moving again.

The Paul R. Tregurtha ran aground on the Saint Mary's River early yesterday morning. It was just freed from where it ran aground near Neebish Island one hour ago.

It is now heading to Detour to be inspected.

The freighter had been blocking South bound traffic coming in from Lake Superior the entire time it was stuck.

It was taking on water through two small cracks in the bow, but pumps kept it at a manageable level.

The company that owns the freighter worked with local Coast Guard to get it free.

The freighter was carrying 62,000 tons of coal.

Commercial traffic is still not being allowed through the area because mud needs to be cleared from the area to make it passable.

It should be clear by the end of the day.