Long Awaited Brown Bridge Dam Removal Process Underway, Demolition to Start Next Week

For about 90 years, the Brown Bridge Dam has stood in the Boardman river. Starting soon, the river will once again flow freely. The project manager says dams have a life span, and because it's no longer sufficient, it's more beneficial to the river for it to come down. When the dam is removed, it will open up more then 140 miles of tributary and streams to passages below.

Today, Senator Carl Levin and the US Fish and Wildlife Director were in town to learn more about the removal process. It's The first of 3 dams to be removed on the Boardman, the Sabin and Boardman Dams will also be removed. Although there's still some who don't agree with the process, the Mayor says more people are now on the same page.

Reporting in Grand Traverse County, Sara Simnitch and Photojournalist, Jeremy Erickson.