Destructive Wind Gust Whips Through Ludington State Park

Toppled trees, damaged property — wild winds carved a destructive path through a Northern Michigan campground.

A 70 mile per hour wind gust whipped through the Ludington State Park just before six o' clock this morning.

The windy weather literally snapped large trees in half.

It even uprooted a tree onto a cabin at the park.

Campers say they understand the inherent risk that comes with camping — you're left at the mercy of Mother Nature.

But early this morning — she was a bit more fierce than usual.

“After the storm started, about a half hour after five o' clock… the wind just really whipped. Opened the door, sand from the dunes just blasting the whole side. Couldn't even get the door shut again. It was pretty intense for a little bit,” said Ben Jewell, who's camping at the park.

Fortunately, the wild weather stormed through without causing any injuries.

And the park thinks the repairs won't be too costly.

9&10's Evan Dean stopped by the campground today and has the story.