Health Dept. Offers Tips for “Bug Safety”

There are always a lot of insects around in the summer, but a warmer year means more of them.

And both mosquitoes and deer ticks can carry dangerous diseases.

Right now campers are fighting the elements. It's hot. Humid and rainy. Less than ideal conditions for a night in the great outdoors. But the perfect conditions for mosquitoes.

Health Department Officials say 2 cases of West Nile Virus have been confirmed downstate. So they are urging people to prepare for outdoor activities properly.

That includes using bug spray, dressing appropriately and staying indoors during prime mosquito hours which are dawn and dusk.

Ticks can also carry Lyme Disease, the health department says ticks climb to the top of tall grass and grab onto anything that walks by, so keep grass cut low and avoid playing in tall unkept grassy areas.

9&10's Kalin Franks and photojournalist Jacob Johnson spent the day learning how to stay “bug safe.”