Police Cracking Down on Synthetic Drug Use

Spice, K2, bath salts — no matter the variation, synthetic drugs are now illegal in Michigan.

Police are cracking down on people who still have them.

They've started the new “K2 is not OK” campaign — stopping into stores and warning owners of the new law.

And it's not just a crackdown on those who sell the drugs — buying it, simply using it — is now illegal as well.

Prosecutor Larry Burdick says the key to the new law, is that it encompasses all deviations of synthetic drugs.

“Before it seemed like the chemists were ahead of us, in terms of creating these compounds and altering them as they would become illegal… It's allowed us to catch up — and maybe even get a little bit ahead of the game,” Burdick said.

The penalties for synthetic drugs are even worse than those for marijuana use.

9&10's Evan Dean and PhotoJournalist Jake Johnson spoke to police about how they're enforcing the ban.

They have the story.