Captured: Manistee County Shooting Suspect

Gunshots stopped the car of the man police say shot a 14-year-old girl several times.

Police say Paul Hard shot the girl Sunday morning in Cleon Township in Manistee County.  Police say Hard is an acquaintance of her father and didn't even know the girl.

After shooting the girl in her home police say Paul Hard left the scene armed and dangerous.  It took a highly focused effort amongst several police agencies to catch the dangerous man Monday afternoon.

Police searched through the night on foot and in the air for the shooting suspect.  After narrowing down his location a helicopter spotted hard hiding in his burgundy Tahoe behind a pole barn…that's when they moved in.

In the mean time, Hard was making phone calls and sending texts that were intercepted by police. They say they are highly incriminating and showed no remorse.

Hard fled police in his car, that's when they shot at his vehicle several times.  It all ended when he crashed into an oil rig and surrendered to police.  They found the gun they believe was used to shoot the girl near the area he was hiding.

The 14 year old girl had underwent successful surgery and is expected to make a full recovery but police are still asking why Paul Hard would do something so heinous.

The girl's father says she is doing well and is in good spirits. He wants to thank everyone for their love and support through this terrifying event.

9&10's Ann Marie LaFlamme and photojournalists Joel Deaner and Jacob Johnson have the latest on the arrest.