Traverse City Police to Put Motorcycle Patrol at West Bay Beach For Summer Months

Cynthia Brzak lives in Traverse City. She wants West Bay to remain a place where everyone feels comfortable.

A couple of weeks ago, police arrested a man who they say inappropriately touched a girl on the beach. In the past few days, more problems at the volleyball courts. Police chased a man they say was drunk, naked, and involved in a fight; and two other men arrested for yelling obscenities at police and threatening them with a gun.

Any amount of police presence at West Bay Beach helps. Police say they have a patrol they're setting up to check in during the summer.

People like Cynthia hope a strong police presence will keep West Bay a safe place to be.

Alcohol is allowed in and around West Bay's volleyball courts, which is what police say causes many of the issues.

Reporting in Traverse City, Sara Simnitch and Photojournalist, Jeff Blevins.