New TC “MicroSouperie” Offers Made-from-Scratch Soups

Soup is the star of the show at a unique restaurant that just opened shop here in Northern Michigan!

Owners describe the Soup Cup as a “MicroSouperie,” crafting eight different soups from scratch every single day.

You'll find everything from Chicken Noodle to Moroccan Hariba, and even some chilled fruit soups.

There are also soup selections for people who are vegan or lactose-free.

The menu includes other simple foods that go along with soup as well, like grilled cheese.

Owners say they're excited to have found a new niche in the local restaurant scene.

Alex Jokich and Stephanie Adkins were live at the Soup Cup in Traverse City on Tuesday morning to check it out.

(The Soup Cup is located at the historic train depot, near Eighth & Woodmere.  It is open Tuesday through Saturday.  For more information or to find out the daily specials, call 231-932-SOUP or visit the link posted on the left.  You can also email the Soup Cup at )