Benzie County Construction Project Worries Local Business Owners

Business owners in Beulah say they depend on people stopping in the business district and walking around.

But with US-31 under construction until September they fear their bottom lines will be hurting.

Construction began today along US-31 at M-115 and continues through Beulah.

With the peak of tourism season in July and August, people in town are frustrated with the timing, but tell us they understand why the project had to happen.

M-DOT says they originally planned on just resurfacing the roadway but discovered that for the same amount of money, the road could be completely reconstructed.

Traffic will remain open in both directions throughout the summer, but small business owners say since Beulah isn't really a “destination” they rely on foot traffic from people stopping for gas or food.

9&10's Kalin Franks and Photojournalist Joel Deaner have more from Benzie County.