New Frankfort Playground Built With Help from Celebrity’s Charity

Helen Erginkara is a fifth grader in Frankfort, she started raising money about two years ago to build a playground in her hometown of Frankfort. The village called on celebrity carpenter, Carter Oosterhouse. You most likely know Carter Oosterhouse from home improvement shows on TLC and HGTV; but more special to him, his charity, “Carter's Kids”.

Oosterhouse and his wife, actress Amy Smart, travel the country together building a playground a month; but this particular playground is extra special, northern Michigan is home for them.

With Helen's help, the village raised more than $100,000. They contacted Oosterhouse and his crew to design and build the playground. Today, it was finally revealed, just how Helen pictured it.

Next month, Oosterhouse will be back in northern Michigan for a celebrity golf outing to benefit “Carter's Kids”.

Reporting in Frankfort, Sara Simnitch and Photojournalist, Jeremy Erickson.