Sean Phillips Sentenced to 10-15 Years in Prison, Murder Investigation Begins

10 to 15 years in prison: missing baby Katherine Phillips' father learned his fate inside of the Mason County courthouse today.

But this captivating case is still far from over.

This afternoon, we found out Sean Phillips will spend at least ten years in prison.

And now, Ludington police are shifting this case to a murder investigation — saying that only Sean knows the location of Baby Kate's body.

Baby Kate was 4-and-a-half months old when she disappeared almost a year ago.

Police say Sean took off with the baby after arguing with Ariel Courtland, Kate's mother, about custody issues.

Officers arrested him hours after Kate was reported missing, and he was later charged.

After an emotional nine day trial back in April, a 12-person jury convicted Sean Phillips guilty of unlawfully imprisoning Baby Kate.

Now, he'll spend 10-15 years behind bars.

9&10's Evan Dean and Joel Deaner were inside of the courtroom today.

They have the latest details on the Phillips' sentencing — and the murder investigation.