Grand Traverse County Receives Grant from MSHDA to Help Low Income Families Become Homeowners

For many, owning a home seems unattainable; but with help from MSHDA, Grand Traverse County will give some low income families a boost to get the keys to their own home.

Once a loan is approved from a bank, they'll be eligible for a loan from the county ranging from $1,000 to $25,000. That's part of the more than $400,000 in grant money available locally. The grants are through MSHDA and the Housing and Urban Development's special Sustainable Communities Program.

Many affordable homes need some work, so, minor repairs like new windows or appliances are covered. They can also use the money for a down payment.

MSHDA says their goal aligns with federal and state government in helping our community grow.

Reporting in Grand Traverse County, Sara Simnitch and Photojournalist, Jeremy Erickson.