DUCK LAKE FIRE: Update On Damage Assessment

In this update, we now know of 132 structures lost in the Duck Lake Fire.

The DNR says 100-percent of the 138 properties within the fire zone have been inspected.

48 property owners have a loss due to fire.

In some cases there is more than one structure per property.

46 homes or cabins burned, 35 outbuildings, 23 garages, 26 campers, 1 motel and 1 retail store.

The fire impacted the Rainbow Lodge, Pike Lake Resort and two state forest campgrounds.

The current acreage, estimated by the DNR is 21,450.

9&10's Christina Vecchioni and photojournalist Eric Davis have more details from Luce County.


A public meeting started at 5pm tonight at the McMillan Township Hall in Newberry for people to learn more about the status of the Duck Lake Fire.

A lightning strike ignited the fire last Wednesday.

It began near the swampy area of Duck Lake, which is near Pike Lake.

So far the DNR estimates it's burned more than 21,000 acres.

At last report, they had it 55% contained.

At this point, we know of 115 structures that have been lost, including 41 homes or cabins.

We have a crew at the meeting and will have another update coming up on 9&10 News at 6 and 11.