Woman Drops Off Suspicious Package at Midland Post Office

Woman drops off suspicious package at the Midland Post Office.

Today a woman tried to mail a suspicious package to someone in another state.

The woman left without paying for the shipment, postal employees tried to run after her to make her pay but she drove off yelling profanities.

The postal employees wrote down her plate and vehicle description, the plate came back to a resident out of the area.

Officers closed Rodd Street and Bayliss Street for about 3 hours.

Police called the Michigan State Bomb Squad for precaution, they did not find any dangerous material instead they found clothing.

Police found out that the woman purchased the box at the Auburn Post Office and then came back to the Post Office after the incident at the Midland Post Office.

Police believe the woman thought the postage was included in the price of the box which led to her actions in Midland.