Detectives Battle Prescription Drug Abuse in Antrim County

Arrest, after arrest — a massive drug investigation that started years ago is putting even more people in jail.

Last week the Traverse Narcotics Team arrested four men they say are involved in a widespread drug operation in Antrim County.

Shaun Roggenbeck, Jason Blackmore, and Wallace Bigger are facing charges for prescription drug trafficking.

Even more alarming — downstate attorney John Waters is accused of smuggling drugs into the Antrim County jail for one of his clients.

But these aren't the first arrests — 16 people have already been convicted from this same investigation that dates back to 2009.

There are still a few suspects still at-large — Angel Knowles, Dale Stotler, and Joseph Randazzo.

If you have any information on where they may be, contact the Traverse Narcotics Team at 231-922-0993.

9&10's Evan Dean and Photojournalist Jake Johnson spoke to detectives in Antrim County today and have the story.