Parents and Educators React to Failure of Manistee School Millage

Parents and teachers in one Northern Michigan town are wondering what's next after voters shot down a school millage.

Administrators at Manistee Public Schools want to tear down a dilapidated, vacant school… and also replace the roof on Kennedy Elementary.

But 60 percent of voters rejected the sinking fund millage that would have supported those projects.

Now, the school has two options — ask for another millage, as these buildings continue to deteriorate, or pay for the repairs and demolition out of the general fund.

But that would mean cutting programs… something many parents don't want to see happen.

The superintendent will meet with the school board to decide which option they'll choose.

It's not known how soon they'll start those discussions.

9&10's Evan Dean and Photojournalist Jake Johnson spoke to educators and parents in Manistee today and have the story.