Wexford County Officials Asking Voters to Raise Taxes

It's a controversial proposal in Northern Michigan.

Local officials in Wexford County are trying to pass an override of the Headlee Amendment, or Headlee Rollback — that would raise taxes.

Doing so would allow Wexford County to increase the current millage rate from 6.77 mills to 7.3 mills.

The county says declining property values have, in part, left them with a budget shortfall of about 700 thousand dollars.

The proposal would help to partially make up for that shortfall.

But upping the millage rate — means more taxes for property owners.

As an example, the owner of a home worth 100 thousand dollars would be forking over an extra 26 dollars a year.

Many small business owners we spoke with say they're already taxed enough.

But the Wexford County Administrator says important local services could be cut if this isn't passed.

If it is passed, the new, higher millage rate would be in place for five years.

We'll tell you what voters decide tomorrow in our continuing election coverage.

9&10's Evan Dean and Photojournalist Jake Johnson spoke to people both for and against the proposal today, and they have the story.