Possible Changes for Medical Marijuana Patients

There could be some changes on the way for medical marijuana cardholders.  The House just passed four bills that would put stricter regulations on medicinal use of the drug.

Now, the bills are on their way to the Senate and could soon become law.

Many medical marijuana patients in rural areas, like northern Michigan, see doctors via telemedicine through skype.  But one of the bills the house just passed would change that.   Telemedicine, like Skype sessions, won't allowed him to certify patients for medical marijuana anymore.

It's just one of the bills The House passed Thursday putting stricter regulations on the medicinal drug.

If the bills pass through the Senate, medical marijuana cards will require a picture and for carriers to be registered through the state. That has patients worried.

Another bill involves transportation of the drug. It would require that marijuana is treated like any other Schedule 1 Controlled Substance.

The fourth bill would lower the punishment for card holders who sell marijuana from a four to a two-year felony.

All four bills still need to pass through the senate in order to become the law.

9&10's Ann Marie LaFlamme and photojournalist Joel Deaner talked with doctors and patients about the possible changes.