5th Graders Eat Marijuana-Laced Candy in Elementary School Bathroom

Marijuana-laced candy, passed out to other kids by an elementary school boy.

It happened at Mio AuSable Elementary School in Oscoda County on Wednesday.  They say ten 5th graders ate the candy in the boys bathroom.

We talked to one of the parents who's son ate the drug-laced candy.  She is devastated and says school was the one place she thought her kid was safe.

Three students have been suspended and they're facing possible expulsion while the school and the Oscoda County Sheriff's department continue to investigate.  The rock candy has been sent out for testing to find out exactly what the kids ate.

After eating the candy a few kids said they had stomach aches and one felt tired, but none have had any serious problems, yet.   Local parents say they're scared and mad and they'll be keeping a closer eye on their kids.

Parents at Mio AuSable Schools will be getting a letter sent home Friday telling them about the incident. You can read it by clicking the link on the left.

9&10's Ann Marie LaFlamme and photojournalist Joel Deaner spoke with parents and they have the details.