55 Acres Burned in Otsego Forest Fire

Fired burned through 55 acres of forest in Otsego County Friday.  Crews got the call around 3:30 in the afternoon when smoke was seen from miles away. 

With the fire danger still high crews say they're lucky the fire didn't get any bigger.

And hopefully it's a reminder to everyone how dangerous burning in these dry conditions can be.

Crews believe it started when a camp fire got out of control.  Luckily no one at the campsite was injured but a truck, trailer and camping equipment were burned.  Fire got as close as 300 feet to some nearby homes.

Although the fire is out, ensuring it won't flare up will keep the DNR working for days to come.

9&10's Ann Marie LaFlamme and photojournalist Joel Deaner were there and they have more details.