Preventing Wildfires During Heightened Risk

The DNR warns these dry warm conditions are increasing wildfire danger every day. Isabella County has dealt with three grass fires this week.  They plan to have extra crews on call through the weekend in anticipation of more fires.

Fire crews strongly suggest not burning under these conditions.  If you are going to have a controlled burn, it's important you do it safely. 

In order to legally burn you must have a permit. Always burn in an area clear of debris.  Have tools like a rake or shovel, hose or bucket of water on hand incase the fire begins to spread.

Those who start a wildfire face hefty fines, and are responsible to pay for the emergency response and damage.

9 and 10's Ann Marie LaFlamme and photojournalist Tony Zyber has more on the risk and what you can do to prevent wildfires.