Lawyer Says Community Colleges Offering Four Year Degrees is Unconstitutional, Local College Disagrees

Elizabeth Jenkins is a maritime student at NMC. Here's her problem; even at a school with a good reputation like NMC, she can't get a Bachelor's degree because it's a community college.

A bill in the Senate would allow NMC, and other community colleges to offer Bachelors' in five in demand disciplines, including nursing and maritime technology, but it hit a major snag when a lawyer representing Michigan's universities advised the Senate Education Committee that the bill is unconstitutional.

This setback could derail the whole process, and it definitely set up a showdown with the bill's supporters. Meanwhile, students like Elizabeth are in limbo, and administrators think about how much they could be saving their students.

Ed Ness, the CEO of Munson Healthcare testified to the same committee, saying he supports four year nursing degrees at NMC.

Reporting in Traverse City, Sara Simnitch and Photojournalist, Jeremy Erickson.