Healthy Living: Lightning Fast Diabetes Test

Young, old, black and white. Diabetes can hit anyone, at any time.  Along with the 26 million people who know they have it, millions remain undiagnosed. Now, there's a new tool helping identify the disease in record time… and changing the way doctors believe it affects the body.


Adult blindness, nerve damage, kidney disease, lower limb amputation… the leading cause of all these conditions is diabetes. If trends continue, one in three American kids born in the year 2000 will develop it. But that doesn't mean they'll know they have the disease. Right now, 7 million diabetics are undiagnosed in the U.S.


Autumn Russ is part of a new study, testing how this machine can assess her risk for serious diabetes complications. Pediatric Endocrinologist Stuart Chalew says the screening device uses light instead of an invasive skin biopsy and lab testing to measure abnormal proteins in the skin associated with diabetes complications. A patient puts their arm on it, and in moments the results are in.


The device launched as part of a pilot program in Canada back in September. It's currently restricted to investigational use in the U.S., but could get FDA approval by 2013.