Chippewa County Deputies Arrest Three Men Accused Of Dozens Of Break-ins

Three people are in the Chippewa County Jail accused of taking part in multiple break-ins, involving homes and storage units, since September.

A deputy patrolling at an intersection in Dafter noticed a suspicious-looking car and SUV early Saturday morning.

After getting a closer look, the deputy discovered the vehicles were stuffed with tools and generators.

The sheriff says the car also had a 4-wheeler in the trunk.

The deputy instructed both vehicles to stop, but the SUV took off toward Sault Ste. Marie at a high rate of speed.

The patrol car got up to 105 mph, but was unable to catch the suspect.

The suspect in the SUV, Timothy Hintz, eventually lost control on a curve and just barely missed hitting another patrol car nearby.

At first the accident knocked him out, but when he became alert again, the sheriff says Hintz became combative with deputies.

He went to the hospital but is in jail now, along with two other men from the car, Darius Thomas and Rial Rabineau.

The sheriff says they searched three homes Saturday and recovered six pickup trucks full of stolen property dating back to September.

He thinks this arrest solved around 70 break-ins.