Michigan Film Incentives Trying to Make an Encore

Film production companies in Michigan are getting an early Christmas present in the form of state incentives.

On Wednesday, Governor Snyder signed a new film incentive program into law.

Its goal — to bring the movie-making buzz back to Michigan.

Earlier this year, the governor set guidelines and a funding cap that crushed the industry.

The cap is still there — set at 25 million dollars.

But now, it's a grant-based program — so companies like Brauer Productions in Traverse City won't have to wait to file their taxes to get the incentives.

And the one's that get the most money — are those that hire the most people from Michigan.

Post production companies, like I.E. Effects, will also benefit.

The new law guarantees that those type of companies will get at least 5 percent of the program's funding.

But the special effects company says the governor still needs to set the stage to help Michigan tap into it's true potential.

9&10's Evan Dean and Photojournalist Jake Johnson spoke to a couple of film production companies in Traverse City and have more on how this will help them keep the cameras rolling.