Healthy Living: Perspiration Problems

We all have about two million sweat glands in our body. A little sweating here and there is normal-even healthy. But for some people excessive sweating can be embarrassing. Now a new procedure is stopping the sweat. Robyn Haines has your Healthy Living.


Until recently, people had two long lasting options- Botox injections every six months to paralyze the sweat glands or liposuction, where doctors could surgically remove the sweat glands. Now, there's another option– microwaving them. The minimally invasive procedure is called Miradry. It uses heat energy to kill the sweat glands from the inside out.


A temporary tattoo is used to pinpoint the glands. Local anesthesia is injected. A computer guides the doctor on where to pinpoint the energy.


Doctor William Patrick Coleman's clinic in Metairie, Louisiana is one of only four places in the U.S. currently doing the procedure. Most patients need two treatments, about three months apart. The cost is three-thousand dollars and takes about an hour each visit. The results should last for life.