Healthy Living: Treating Kids With Traumatic Brain Injuries

Every year, 475-thousand children under age 14 suffer traumatic brain injuries. Now, new discoveries are giving kids a better shot at survival. Robyn Haines has your Healthy Living.


A horrific accident changed Joe Detwiler's life in an instant. The impact caused severe brain injury. The teen spent two months in a medically induced coma… and two more in the hospital relearning everything.


Doctor José Pineda hopes to help kids like Joe survive traumatic brain injuries and improve their recovery. He's pioneering research in kids, looking at trauma to the mitochondria– the power plant that enegerizes cells in the brain. They're exploring a way to stimulate the mitochondria in kids with TBI.


Clinical trials are going on right now to test that kind of medication in adults. The doctor tells us they're promising. In an unrelated study, a similar therapeutic approach in adults with TBI improved function at 30 days after the injury and reduced mortality by more than 60-percent.