Police: Teens Break-In, Steal Handguns From Wexford County Home

 A Wexford County woman returned home today — shocked to find a suspected burglar inside.

 Police say three teenage boys broke in to the Selma Township home in Wexford County around nine this morning.
 The apparent target — two handguns, both taken from the house.

 Officers say two of the teens took off when the homeowner arrived… but she caught one of them red handed.
 The other two suspects were found without the guns on them, in an area about a mile away.
 A K-9 unit combed through nearby woods and found one of the handguns.
 The homeowner says she's now concerned for her safety.

 Officers took all three suspects to the sheriff's department for questioning.
 Two are being held in jail and one at family court awaiting formal charges.

 9&10's Evan Dean and Photojournalist Jake Johnson were on the scene as it all unfolded and have the story.