Healthy Living: Double Cure For Lupus & Sickle Cell


Born with sickle cell-and sick from Lupus, a young woman is given a second chance after a breakthrough procedure cures her of both. Robyn Haines has your Healthy Living.


Madison Tully was born with sickle cell… then a few years ago-she was diagnosed with Lupus. But check out Madison today, cured from not one- but two deadly diseases. The 16-year-old had few options for recovery, including a risky bone marrow transplant-rarely done for sickle cell patients… and not an option for most Lupus sufferers.


There was another obstacle-Madison needed a perfect bone marrow match- but Madison was adopted. Luckily, she made contact with her biological sister. She said yes and Tulane University's Doctor Julie Kanter tried the first documented case of using a bone marrow transplant to rid Madison of both diseases. There was an 85 percent chance of a cure, but a 25-percent risk of death. After a month of chemotherapy… then immunotherapy, the transplant was done.


A year later, Madison is cured! Having both lupus and sickle cell is extremely rare. There are only a dozen documented cases in the world.