Search Called Off for Missing Northport Boater, Jay Farr

Friends and family say, Jay Farr was an experienced boater; and, it's not like him to go out on the water, when it isn't safe.

Jay helped out his community, whenever he could, and, he enjoyed spending his spare time on Lake Michigan, sailing. He set-out on the rough waters in a canoe, Saturday, to get his dinghy for his sailboat, and hasn't been seen since.

The U.S. Coast Guard started searching for Farr, Sunday morning, after his family declared him missing. That's when a Coast Guard helicopter spotted Farr's canoe, in Antrim County, nearly 9 miles from where he started.

Farr's girlfriend says, he just docked his boat, because of the weather; and, Saturday's weather wasn't the best for venturing out in a canoe.

Even though the Coast Guard has stopped looking, Jay's girlfriend isn't giving up hope.

The U.S. Coast Guard says, they call-off a search based on, how long the person has been missing, and the weather conditions.

Reporting in Leelanau County, Sara Simnitch, and Photojournalist Jeremy Erickson.