Kingsley Business Destroyed by Fire

The café went up in flames around midnight; and investigators don't think it was an accident…They believe someone set the fire on purpose.

The fire Chief is calling the fire suspicious because of its' trail. He tells us, the fire started in the back of the building, and spread quickly to the front, which he says, could mean arson. The fire was still smoldering this afternoon, and crews had to come back out around noon.

The building where Mary's Café was, has been a landmark in Kingsley for hundreds of years; and, a place the whole community could go to gather.

The people of Kingsley watched their only restaurant go up in flames, right before their eyes; and, it's even hard to take, because something about this fire, just isn't right.

For years, this building had extra-special memories for many, in different ways. John Sedlacek owns an auto shop right across the street from Mary's Café; because of its' history, he says, it's going to be hard to replace.


Reporting in Kingsley, Sara Simnitch, and Photojournalist Jeremy Erickson.