Plane Crashes in Front Yard of Benzie County Home, Pilot Survives

Police and Neighbors tell us, Dewey Peck, has been flying experimental airplanes for almost forty years, but today, was not a normal day in the air. Peck is 88 years old, his house is just a couple of houses away from where he crashed, this morning. He, and several other people who live on County Road 669 in Benzie County, are pilots who also fly out of Lake Ann's Airport. Police tell us Peck was conscious after the crash, and, the pilot tells police, his engine failed shortly after take-off. Peck was unable to make it back to the air field, and, he had no other choice but to land right away. Friends who live just doors down from Peck, came home to his plane in their front yard. Friends tell us he bought a kit for the plane, and spent months building it; but, malfunctions with the engine can still happen. Even thought the plane just missed their home, these neighbors, are just glad Peck is okay. Peck was taken to Munson Medical Center to be treated. Police say he had minor facial injuries, and a broken ankle. Reporting in Benzie County, Sara Simnitch, and Photojournalist Jeremy Erickson.