Many Welfare Families in Michigan Will Lose Cash Assistance Starting Tomorrow

Governor Snyder signed the new legislation just 2 months ago, putting a 4-year cap on people receiving cash assistance in Michigan; but, one Detroit woman claims, people in northern Michigan who depend on the state's help, didn't have enough time to prepare for the cut.

The 4-year limit effects families who receive cash assistance as a whole, in Michigan. The cap will not stop families in need from using a bridge card for food, but, it will cut off their money from the state for other needs. The cap is a lifetime cap, meaning, someone who was on welfare for 4 years in the past, will not be able to receive those benefits again; and, the number of families affected statewide, is drastic.

Welfare agencies say, the number of people receiving cash assistance from the state is more then 200,000; and, 11,000 of those families will lose that benefit, tomorrow.

The Department of Human Services tells us, they are creating a safety net. As long as someone is actively looking for work, they will get an extra 3 months of housing assistance.

Reporting in Grand Traverse County, Sara Simnitch, and Photojournalist Jeremy Erickson.