Healthy Living: Kicking Recovery Time, A New Knee Procedure

You average one-thousand to three-thousand steps every day, but for people suffering from knee injuries, just taking one of those steps can be excruciating. In Healthy Living, Robyn Haines tells us about a new procedure that's helping people live pain-free almost instantly.

You wouldn't want to mess with Roy Reid. A third-degree black belt — Roy also teaches the art. But a knee injury 22 years ago has proven to be his toughest opponent. Doctor Steve Nguyen is a joint replacement specialist and pioneer of the “Freedom Knee Procedure.” He works in Orlando, Florida.

Doctor Nguyen says unlike traditional surgery, this technique reduces pain by sparing muscles and ligaments that historically have been cut during standard total joint replacement surgery. “We actually implant the components without dislocating the knee. The muscle is not cut at all. Its actually lifted over and reflected on one side, so we can do our cuts.”

 A small incision to the side of the knee lets the scar rotate as you move instead of stretching. Patients leave the hospital in one to two days compared to five days for traditional surgery. Within one to two weeks, they're back to normal.

Doctor Nguyen is currently the only one in the world using this approach. He says the lateral approach allows for less blood loss during surgery because it requires fewer blood transfusions. The procedure also lowers the chance of blood clots.


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