Countries Call for Syrian President to Step Down

This morning Secretary of State Hilary Clinton called for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to step down. For the past 5 months the country has been in unrest against his 11-year rule. The Secretary said that the President should step down and leave the people of Syria to transition to a better working government, in order to help end the violence which has left thousands dead or detained. Syria has barred most international journalists from entering the country, making it difficult to verify accounts from activists and officials. The Syrian Observatory for human rights has said that hundreds of soldiers and police have also been killed. Other rights campaigners said dozens of security personnel had been killed by loyalist troops for refusing to shoot at unarmed civilians. President Barack Obama as well as Canadian and European leaders are calling for Assad to step down. FOX 32 News will continue to bring you the latest updates on Syria as they become available.