Scattered Afternoon Thunderstorms Tomorrow

*Overnight will be partly cloudy and dry *Tomorrow looks partly cloudy, with the chance of scattered afternoon thunderstorms *Looking gloomy and rainy for Saturday __________________ It was a chilly start in some areas this morning! Here are a few of our lowest readings (there were many ties!): Leota…………………38 South Branch………..40 Indian River………….44 Cadillac………………45 Grayling………………46 There's a small chance of some evening thunderstorms across the E.U.P. before the sun sets today. When we lose the sun, we lose the convection chance, and will be dry throughout the night. Everyone else is looking dry for the rest of the evening and overnight, with partly cloudy skies. Winds will be calm out of the W/SW, and overnight lows will be much warmer than last night–55 to 63 degrees. Tomorrow looks a lot like today, with partly cloudy skies, but more of a chance for some scattered afternoon thunderstorms. None of these are expected to be severe. Highs will range from 77-84 degrees, and winds will turn more southwesterly, 5-15mph. Saturday a system takes hold of Northern Michigan and will bring periods of heavy rain and a few thunderstorms throughout the duration of the day. Rain is expected to continue through the night, and into the start of Sunday. Highs because of the clouds will stay in the 70's. The latest model runs show Sunday's system slowing down a lot more, carrying over the clouds and rain into the first part of Sunday. After lunch time, most of the rain should stop and we'll see partly cloudy skies to end our day. Temperatures Sunday will be in the 70's to a low 80. Monday and Tuesday will be dry and warmer to start our week. There will be plenty of sunshine to go around on Monday and Tuesday. Highs will be in the mid 70's to middle 80's. Wednesday brings back the rain and chance for storms, though it's looking a lot more scattered in nature than Saturday will be. -Meteorologist Katie Dupree